Coweta County DUI Court is a voluntary, post-conviction, treatment based program for those who have been convicted multiple times for driving under the influence. The DUI Court program is for defendants who want professional help to become drug and alcohol free and begin to live a sober lifestyle. The DUI Court offers enhanced supervision, counseling, and treatment to help participants function in the community with continuing support.

Mission Statement

The Coweta County DUI Court’s mission is to address the recurring crime of substance abuse when combined with the operation of a motor vehicle. It is the goal of the DUI Court to protect the community and assist offenders with their substance abuse issues by monitoring meaningful treatment. Benefits of the DUI court shall include the following: enhancing the safety of travel on Coweta County roads; reducing the community’s cost of public welfare; and decreasing the financial burden and expense of law enforcement. Finally, the DUI court will aid in the establishment of stable families, encourage healthy and productive home environments, increase individual responsibility, and create a safer Coweta County.


  • Second DUI in five years, third DUI in 10 years, or fourth or more lifetime
  • Coweta County resident
  • Classified alcohol or drug dependent by treatment provider
  • Receive positive recommendation from treatment provider
  • Approval from the Solicitor General’s Office
  • No felony drug conviction of possession with intent or trafficking
  • No conviction of sex crimes
  • No convictions for multiple violent felony offenses

Long-Term Program Benefits

The DUI Court program creates an ability to utilize judicial review in regards to treatment allowing for a higher degree of follow-through and accountability for the participants in the program.  This will lead to a higher level of treatment success, an increase in appropriate re-licensing for eligible participants, and, most importantly, increased public safety.

For more information please contact:

Leslie Grabensteder
DUI Court Coordinator
(770) 252-6441